Customize Products

This is again one of the best categories allotted by Nasim Textile Industries which allows the users and customers to help in the designing of their products according to their specified needs. This how; customers can design products according to their specified needs. This category also allows them to order their products such as wiping rags, industrial towels and jeans in as much bulk quantities as it is needed and acquired by them. This is how; customers are allowed to add their own personal feelings to the products which would be ordered and used by them. These products can also be used as great gifts to people at their homes as well as their workplace. These products are extremely eco-friendly and super absorbent. This quality improves the products in the eyes of the customer by constantly helping them in the time of need when it is acquired by the users and all the users and customers gained by Nasim Textile Industries have always left with great reviews and utmost satisfaction. There are different uses which can be helped by the usage of these customized towels such as household cleaning, company cleaning, business workplace chores and most importantly, industrial cleaning.


1.Cotton Waste Cloth
2.Waste Cotton Rag
3.Irregular Shape
4.Low Price and best quality
Material: 100% recycled
Cotton Size: 30x30cm-70x70cm

weight:420-450 GSM
Use: Can be used for cleaning machine, kitchen and so on.

Wiping Rags

1.100% Cotton Single Jersey (White Bleached) Rags,
our bleach like a mill bleach (Excellent Result)
2.Used For Polishing, Auto Workshop, Auto Mobile
3.Oil absorb material with fast speed.
4.Product are mainly used for maritime, aviation, surface oil spill, or oil trucks
and fuel tank leakage; and also can be used for machinery, instrument on the workshop to improve the working environment and production safety.